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American Retroworks Inc. can help you plan your public, private, or non-profit recycling program, combining our hands-on practical skills with internationally recognized management techniques to find the least expensive, environmentally-responsible solution to your electronics recycling needs.

American Retroworks Inc. principals have performed pilot programs in electronics recycling for state environmental agencies, New Deal Foundation, several non-profits, and solid waste districts.  We provided paid and free consulting to charities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont to create the first regional electronics recycling program, operating at under $5 per computer.  Robin Ingenthron is a contributor to NEPSI and in 2002 was invited by the Chinese EPA to consult on Scrap Export standards and policies in Guangdong Province.

Robin Ingenthron, President of American Retroworks Inc., has over 20 years of recycling experience. As former Recycling Director for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Robin oversaw a $8M grant program and all recycling regulations, from bottle bills to waste bans. In 2001 he was appointed Vice President of ElectroniCycle, Inc., in charge of develpment, expansion and marketing:  ElectroniCycle grew threefold in 18 months and is today one of the largest TV recyclers in the USA.  Prior to working in government, Robin was co- director of a private commercial recycling company (Earthworm Inc.), serving over 1000 offices, colleges and schools in eastern Massachusetts.


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