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American Retroworks Inc. is a national leader in setting up sustainable electronics recycling programs, including expansion and development of ElectroniCycle Inc. of Massachusetts. In 2003, we opened our own facility Good Point Recycling, to directly serve New England.

At our new Vermont facility, Good Point Recycling. collects ALL types of computers and TVs, from Apple to Zenith, from across New England.
  • Corporations/Retailers
  • Municipalities & Schools
  • Charities, non-profits
  • One-Day Events

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Good Point Recycling certifies that all CRTs and computers are professionally managed in one of 3 ways, per your instructions:

1)  Reuse and Repair:  Hard Drives can be stripped of sensitive, proprietary, or unlicensed data & software 

2)  Recycled:  Reduced to metal, glass, and plastic scrap, using paid, domestic labor, according to state, national and international laws, or

3)  Managed Donations:  PCs are completely refurbished, equipped with alternative software (e.g. Linux) and provided inexpensively to area charities (we require 3rd party technical support as a condition of these sales).

Good Point Recycling charges a $5-10 recycling fee for TVs and pre-pentium computers, or 18 cents a pound for "anything with a cord".  Cheaper programs are available for working electronics only.

American Retroworks Inc. and Good Point Recycling offer regular service to Burlington, Boston, Middlebury, Rutland, St. Albans, St. Johnsbury, Brattleboro, Springfield, Bennington, Lebanon, White River Junction, Barre, Montpelier, Keene, Hanover, Stowe, Worcester, Concord, Manchester, and other cities on our New England e-scrap "milk run".   Email or call us for a recycling quote on any quantity of computers, monitors, printers, CRTs, or other electronics.

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NEW IN 2004 -  Electronics Recycling RFP Templates FREE  
*Introducing Good Point Recycling *Recycling Fees (May 2003)
*Turn-Key Event Agreements *Certificate of Recycling
*Good Point Recycling Partnerships *Our Process



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