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Given the recent development of mega-metal-mines in rain forests (e.g. Borneo's OK Tedi Copper mine, above), the worst recycling is better than increasing demand for mining.

  However, we must maintain the best available standards of recycling for it to grow sustainably. 

Recycling creates more jobs, but we need to keep those employees safe and healthy for recycling to be a convincing environmental model.














When you recycle with Good Point Recycling, you are doing more than keeping your computer, TV, VCR or other device out of incinerators and landfills.  Proceeds from our program support broader environmental goals.

World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association (WR3A)

Established by American Retroworks Inc. and funded by Good Point Recycling, the WR3A is a new international trade association which matches conscientious USA recyclers with talented overseas refurbishers.  WR3A keeps recycling affordable, closes the digital divide, but safeguards against sending toxic junk "along for the ride".

Recycled Gold Wedding Rings

A new patent registered in 2004.  Good Point Recycling extracts gold from used computers, and instead of exporting it or selling it to a smelter, we keep it separate to manufacture 100% recycled content gold wedding bands.  These bands to NOT contain gold from old jewelry, teeth or material which has never been disposed of.  They are made ONLY from gold diverted from the waste stream.

Why is gold so important?  Gold Mining is the largest contributor to mercury waste on the planet.  Gold is the single worst environmental purchase most consumers will make in their lives. Gold Mining is the main attraction to industrial rain forest development.   Demand for gold in Asia drives the worst recycling practices on the planet.

We do NOT sell gold for cosmetic jewelry, only for wedding bands (the hardest gold habit for society to "kick").  By creating domestic demand for gold from computers, we are raising the bar against exporting our toxic junk.

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