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American Retroworks Inc. provides public, private, and non-profit recycling organizations with a combination of hands-on practical skills, internationally recognized management techniques, and careful research, to find the least expensive and most environmentally-responsible solutions to recycling concerns.  Our past clients include governments in the USA, Asia, Eastern Europe, and international corporations and non-profit organzations.

Robin Ingenthron, President of American Retroworks Inc., has over 20 years of recycling experience. As former Recycling Director for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Robin oversaw a $8M grant program and all recycling regulations, from bottle bills to waste bans. In 2001 he was appointed Vice President of ElectroniCycle, Inc., in charge of development, expansion and marketing:  ElectroniCycle grew threefold in 18 months and is today one of the largest TV recyclers in the USA. 





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