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Recycling creates Jobs: From picking up to taking apart. From taking apart to finding a part. From finding a part to listing that part. From listing to selling on-line. From selling on-line to product support. And from product support to repair and reuse.


  Landfilling 1000 tons per day will support about 10 jobs. Burning the same amount of material at an incinerator will support about 30 jobs. Mining 1000 tons of material will create about 60 jobs.

Recycling 1000 tons per day creates about 1000 jobs. And each day Americans repair about 1000 tons of electronics, supporting about 10,000 jobs. American Retroworks uses recycling programs to create more jobs, and train more people to work in them.

American Retroworks Inc. principals have established job training programs in Massachusetts, Vermont and California. These programs are typically funded through government "welfare to work" employment and training programs.

New trainees begin by developing the most basic employment skills (showing up for work, asking questions, following directions) on a demanufacturing or recycling line. After the trainee has mastered demanufacturing, she/he is taught the names and functions of the various parts they have been removing. Trainees move to sorting, grading, and stocking, and eventually inventory and repair. Through this program a trainee can eventually earn certification following the standard "apprentice" guidelines under master technicians, programmers, etc.

Retroworks de Mexico

ElectroniCycle Inc. awarded $83K job training contract (2003)

Recycling creates hundreds more jobs per ton than disposal

Vermont Retroworks/ACCAG awarded $18K annual from VT DET (2000)

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