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In 2003, American Retroworks is reopening a commercial recycling operation in Middlebury, Vermont, called "Good Point Recycling". 

At Good Point Recycling, we will sort and triage electronics, metals, clothing, textiles, and other reusables and recyclables from across New England, before sending the CRTs and other material to credible recycling operations such as ElectroniCycle.  We achieve affordable recycling by squeezing everything reusable out for resale, repair and donation.  However, we also pay thousands of dollars to assure you that CRT glass is recycled responsibly here in the USA.

In the next year, American Retroworks/Good Point Recycling will add new markets for other products in addition to televisions, VCRs, white goods, metals, circuit boards, Plastics, and Cathode Ray Tubes.   As we study and do Due Diligence on these end markets, we will pass the information along to our clients so that they will be able to answer questions from their participants, like "where does this stuff go?"

We will adapt and explore new markets to best suit our customers needs.   One thing we promise:  We are who we say we are and we will do what we say we will do.  We have photos, site visits, and documentation to prove that our markets do as well.  For those with time for for their own Due Diligence, we provide the following documents in Adobe Acrobat format:
CRT Glass Test Sample ElectroniCycle Process Flow
EPA CRT Rule Basel Action Network

Why Recycling isn't cheaper (Mining Subsidies Factsheet)


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