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Robin Ingenthron, president, American Retroworks Inc.


American Retroworks Inc. of Middlebury, Vermont is a consulting, research and operations company focused on national and international computer and television recycling issues. 


We own and operate our very own processing plant, Good Point Recycling, which employs 20 and services corporate and residential recycling programs across the region. We now have a second facility on the Mexico / Arizona border more...


We have also started a non-profit association of Electronics Recyclers to maintain and improve on quality of monitors and other electronics exported for reuse and refurbishing.  The World Reuse Repair and Recycling Association will use cooperative marketing to facilitate honorable trade and put economic pressure on low-ball recyclers who ship Toxics Along for the Ride.


We are Leaders in Best Practices.  When EPA and advocacy groups confused new recyclers, we authored 4 Simple Rules for Choosing an Electronics Recycler, including Tests endorsed by National Recycling Coalition, California Resource Recovery Association, Basel Action Network, EPA and others.


Our Philosophy is framed in reality.  Legitimate resale of quality used equipment reduces the cost of recycling toxic junk.  We must raise the standards of exports without exacerbating the Digital Divide or increasing mining pollution.



Americans are the best in the world at throwing things away.  Our landfills have liners, our incinerators have scrubbers, our sewers have filters.  But Americans are the worst in the world at fixing and reusing old electronics.


Recycling creates jobs.  A ton of metals recovered from waste creates 100 times more jobs than mining the same ton of material.   Recycling reduces waste.  According to Bush's EPA Adminstration, metal mining accounts for 45% of all toxics release by all USA Industries.  Think about that the next time you are about to throw away something with a cord.    


The General Mining Act of 1872 must be reformed for recycling to improve.  The USA Bureau of Land Management spends tax dollars at cross purposes to the EPA.


Over 85% of Americans surveyed would prefer to pay $5 to recycle an old computer than to throw it away for free.   At American Retroworks Inc., our mission is to reinforce and support our gut instinct against planned (or "enforced") obsolescence, and create practical, hands-on programs which allow us to sffordably reuse and recycle for what we are willing to pay.  And we have done so without accepting the small grants which require silence of the soul. more...


Below is a list of articles, white papers, presentations and publications from American Retroworks Inc.  Your recycling dollars help us to work for environmental common sense.


Note:  Some documents are large, we recommend you "Right Click" on your mouse and download them to your desktop/folder before opening them, especially if you lack a broadband connection.


September 2004 Dell and National Recycling Coalition's Recycling Grant Teleconference -

4 Simple Guidelines for Selecting an E-scrap vendor (broadband)

4 Simple Guidelines... (modem)


National Recycling Coalition, San Francisco September 2004


Basel Action Network - CRT Glass Test Results!  2004


Product Stewardship Philosophy - Devil in the Details 2004


Massachusetts Export Center Presentation April 2004


Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) March 2004


Gold Recycling Reduces More Mercury than Mercury Recycling!


Take It Back! West Conference  San Francisco 2004


Digital Bridges:  Presentation at Middlebury College 2004


National Recycling Coalition working policy group 2004


CRT Recycling Test 2003


National Recycling Coalition / Dell Training (Stanford University, 2003;  Austin, TX, 2004)


American Retroworks Mining Factsheet 2003

UPdate:  Massachusetts CRT Recycling Infrastructure - Indianapolis 2003

National Recycling Coalition Presentation: Exports Session (2003 Baltimore)


Northeast Resource Recycling Association (2003 - Manchester NH)

China WEEE Recycling Conference presentation (2002 - Guangzhou CN)

Setting a Higher Standard,  Recycling Today, June 2002

National Recycling Coalition Presentation (2002 Austin TX)

Association of New Jersey Recyclers Presentation (2002 - NJ)

Northeast Recycling Council Presentation (2002 - Schenectady NY)

North American Hazardous Materials Management Association Presentation (2002 - Dallas TX)

EPA /  Southern Waste Exchange presentation (2002 - Denver)

Export Standards and Principles, 2002

Electronics Re-Use and Recycling Infrastructure Development in Massachusetts,  EPA JobsThruRecycling Report, 2000

Massachusetts Electronics Recycling Infrastructure 1999 (Boston, Atlanta, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland...)

The cost of not recycling

Vermont's St. Elizabeth Copper Mine / Superfund site

Papua New Guinea's OK Tedi River Mine (85,000 Tons per day cyanide tailings until stockholder forced closure in 2001)

Chuquicamata, Chile Copper mine holds 20% of world's identified copper reserves.  Closest town to Chuquicamata is abandoned due to pollution.

o        When the USA Bureau of Land Management and World Bank finance mining...

o        When a ton of copper is worth less than 20% what it was worth in 1900,

o        When the hard rock mines generate 45% of all toxics released by all USA industries,

o        When metal mines represent 14 of the 15 largest Superfund sites, bankrupt EPA's Superfund, but are still leased on federal land for $5 per acre...

o        When state governments use public funds (bonds, operating costs) for to finance incinerators and operating costs of disposal, but not recycling...

o        When OEMs charge $40 for repair manuals for their own products (rather than put them on-line), and lobby to make "gray-market" refurbishment illegal in the 3rd world nations where they invest...

o        When software companies sell licenses for old machines at 10 times the cost of programs for new machines,

o        When the Business Software Alliance fines recyclers up to $100,000 per occurrence for putting the old software back on the used machine...

o        When the EPA regulates the recycler but not the households he collects from, and shuts down 7/7 secondary copper smelters while primary smelters pollute away...

It makes it very hard to reuse and recycle old electronics.  And very hard to find a friendly source of grant funds to address the problem.  Yet in the Northeast, we are winning the war.


Japan Ultimatum


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