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Vermont has no mandatory waste ban, and no operating funds from environmental agencies or Original Equipment Manufacturers. But per capita, the average residential CRT diversion in Vermont in 2002 is estimated to be over 2 pounds per resident (1.25 through American Retroworks Inc). Convenient, affordable access and publicity can make glass-to-glass recycling a reality in any state.

American Retroworks Inc.'s Good Point Recycling program collects statewide from most local Solid Waste Districts in Vermont (and many in New Hampshire). These districts take electronics and other re-useable directly from residents and small businesses. We also collect from intermediary non-profits, colleges, and small computer businesses who accept directly from residents in Vermont. In many cases, computers find a home at a local school or non-profit. Together, we have made Vermont CRT recycling a quiet success.

Outside of Vermont, American Retroworks Inc. principals have established local recycling alliances through charity-government partnerships. Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army in New England, and St. Vincent de Paul Society programs in Los Angeles are now accepting used electronics in several counties, through a fee system arranged with state and local governments. Under this arrangement, governments arrange electronics recycling at a cost equal to or less than the costs currently charged by for-profit electronics recyclers, and American Retroworks provides marketing assistance. Those fees support the job training and social welfare programs undertaken by the non-profit agency. These programs do not make the "headlines" of a manufacturer or retailer takeback (at 3 times the cost and half the reuse), but they are more than twice as likely to continue after the first year.

Good Point Recycling collects from and donates back through charities whenever possible. It is important to arrange a partnership with the charity BEFORE trying to bring them your obsolete electronics! For more information about establishing a partnership in your state, contact us at


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